Monday, June 1, 2009

to die. to live.

'to live is CHRIST, do die is GAIN.'

(todd has been going through philippians on sunday mornings with the high school students.)

this verse continually brought a ton of questions because i never fully sat down and really thought about what the verse meant. i never really comprehended the surrounding verses. i always wondered but never investigated what that truly meant. my question always was, how could both things be good? what does that really mean? to live is CHRIST?

i always got the 'to die is GAIN' part, but what does it mean to live is CHRIST. i get it. it is so simple. to live is to be like CHRIST to those who are around us. to minister & share the word with those who are watching (everyone is watching). to live is to be LIKE CHRIST. todd challenged his students to minister where they were at. to be an example where they are at. to serve others where they are at.

it also challenged me. my 'at' is different than theirs. i need to be CHRIST to my kids. to those that i work with every day. to the teachers that i come in contact with when i am dropping off and picking the kids up from school. i need to be CHRIST to those that are hurting & just want to talk. I need to be an example of CHRIST to those who are doing great and need me to celebrate in their joy. to the high school student who is making poor choices, i need to be CHRIST, reacting as he would react. to be that example every time words come out of my mouth.

i was challenged.
i need to be different.
i should show others JESUS everyday.


Mama Mote said...

Yup. Yup. We are finally meeting neighbors and I'll be joining a Moms in Touch group for college least to check them out and meet some other moms and find out about churches. But where I'm "at" is a totally different environment than I'm used to. But like you said, I need to be Christ to my neighbors and those moms. And when I finally get out there and look for a the people I meet and interview with. And it's not easy, but He'll give you and me the strength to live like and for Him.