Thursday, December 17, 2009

T (minus) 10 days.

not until christmas, until we move. yep... 10 days.
so most of my house has boxes in every room.
it is pretty much a disaster.
i am learning to be okay the stuff not being put away (learning).
but amongst the angst of stuff being everywhere my mom sent me
this picture of me and my dad.
it was soothing. i was about 7 (ashlynn's age).
my dad had just had his thyroid removed.
he took me to the father-daughter banquet at our church.
this brought me peace amongst the chaos we are
choosing to call life.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

monday blessing.

monday's generally have the same blessing. it is when eli comes over. yesterday was not different... it was just the same. that was my beautiful blessing yesterday. we had dinner. then we looked at 127 pages of and laughed hysterically at some of the interesting people who cross the threshold of walmart (while todd played super mario brothers). it is so nice when things are the same amidst change.

Monday, December 7, 2009


blessings seem to come in droves when you need them. i suppose we are in need of them right now because we have been blessed beyond measure this weekend. which gave me a thought/ idea. we receive blessings each and every day. some little and some big. but often unnoticed. it got me thinking that i probably walk through my days without noticing those blessings. well... not anymore. i decided that i am going to find a blessing in each and everyday & hopefully pass those blessings on to someone else. this weekend our blessings were huge (in my book). here are just a few (seriously there is more than this).

friday: we found a load of free boxes! almost when we were going to give up on looking for them, there they were. just sitting there all nice and neat waiting for us to grab them. (if you didn't know we are moving. that is why we need boxes.)

saturday: someone paid our rent for us. we know who it was, but assume they will want to remain anonymous. it was their special gift to us. they had no idea how in need we were of that in that moment. it was so kind, generous, gracious, wonderful, thoughtful...

sunday: the students in our ministry showed us so much love and compassion when ken told them that todd would be leaving grace. it seems weird, but to watching senior boys cry blessed me. they were able to demonstrate through their emotions that they loved us. i was touched beyond words through so many students yesterday.

i have one for today... but i think 3 is enough for now. maybe i will post today's tomorrow.