Monday, September 29, 2008


the beach is the place where i...

...went as a child.
...lay in the sand.
...built sandcastles.
...chased birds.
...sat with my dad, sister, brother & mom.
...took my senior ditch day. the sunset.
...watched my kids play. stuck in rip tides.
...enjoy seeing GOD.

these thoughts were my inspiration for the t-shirts i created for jt! there are always cute things for girls... but not so cute for boys. i took advantage of this and made these super cute shirts. don't worry... i have stuff for cute girl shirts too. i just haven't finished them. i was just so excited to share these fun shirts. they have a little bit of red detail on the side of the pictures (which are sewn on), as well as the side of the shirts. i seriously love them. j was so excited because i am always making stuff for ash, but now there is a little something for him too.

all of them.


'vw bus'... my bro had one growing up. i thought i'd do this one b/c of him.

'lined up surfboards'

Friday, September 26, 2008

not so long ago.

chubby cheeks. chubby arms. chubby hands. chubby feet. oh it it is true. ash was such a chubby baby. looking at her now you would have no idea that she was chubby, but being born at 10lbs 4oz earns you the unfortunate name of the fat baby (no worries she has made her peace with once being fat). in the hospital there were so many people who came in to see her... people who we didn't even know... 'oh that is the 10lb baby,' they would say. chubby-ness and all, she was ours. our sweet little bundle of joyfulness & hope.

6 months old.

this month was a very big month for her. ash turned 6 years old. 6 years old. that is 4 years away from being 10. 10 years away from driving. 12 years away from college. time goes fast, but i look back at who she is to me. she is my love. my hope. my joy. my sweetness. she is very sensitive... even to my feelings. she is my silly girl. she is shy. she loves to help me around our house. she loves to help others. she has taught me that i can love someone so much it hurts. she is my giver. she is amazing. how can i ever repay her for what she has done for me in this small young life? how am i supposed to help her understand that she has totally changed my life? how do you i show her i don't know what i would do without her? how can i lead her to be the best she can be? questions that i am sure i will figure out in the future. questions that i will have to think about and evaluate as she grows up and becomes the best self she can be.

ash @ 6 years old.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

a blessing.

ashlynn & j continually amaze me with their spirit. i told them that they needed to remember to pray for eli because he was sick. i was saying this as i was walking out of their room in which they were supposed to be cleaning and weren't! Leaving a little frustrated i told them that they had 5 more minutes to pick up the remainder of their mess. when i came in to check on them, they were standing together with their little hands folded together, close to each other & they were praying. i heard j say that he wanted GOD to bless eli. ashlynn prayed followed by j... it was the sweetest amen i have ever heard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so i didn't take pics of the campout... shame shame. but here are a few quotes from the kids this weekend that were funny.

1. 'it's too hot. i can't handle this.' ash
2. 'who broke the moon?' jt on seeing the half moon
3. 'that's so beautiful.' ash on seeing the milky way
4. 'there's a huge spider in the bathroom, can you kill it before i go?' ash
5. 'mommy you are going hurt your throat and have to get the balls taken out again.' jt on me going wake boarding
6. 'pastor tim almost flipped us (her and sage) off the taco. i hurt my chin... can i go again?' ash on being pulled behind the boat

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


we destroyed our kids on monday afternoon. truly we just about brought them to the point of breaking. it was about 90 degrees outside & we chose to go for a hike up bishops peak. we had water & food. two kids. two parents. and we actually all wore tennis shoes. it was just too hot. we hiked for a long time... almost got to the top, but then both kids broke (almost broke). we decided to head back down the hill and try again when it was a little less hot to save us from hearing how tired the kids were the whole way down. we still had a lot of fun. here are some cute pictures of the kids on the hike. red cheeks and all.
ash && jt

our trooper... in his hiking hat as he deemed it. todd brought it home for him from the high school room.