Monday, September 29, 2008


the beach is the place where i...

...went as a child.
...lay in the sand.
...built sandcastles.
...chased birds.
...sat with my dad, sister, brother & mom.
...took my senior ditch day. the sunset.
...watched my kids play. stuck in rip tides.
...enjoy seeing GOD.

these thoughts were my inspiration for the t-shirts i created for jt! there are always cute things for girls... but not so cute for boys. i took advantage of this and made these super cute shirts. don't worry... i have stuff for cute girl shirts too. i just haven't finished them. i was just so excited to share these fun shirts. they have a little bit of red detail on the side of the pictures (which are sewn on), as well as the side of the shirts. i seriously love them. j was so excited because i am always making stuff for ash, but now there is a little something for him too.

all of them.


'vw bus'... my bro had one growing up. i thought i'd do this one b/c of him.

'lined up surfboards'


Irish Girl said...

So adorable! You need to sell these! :) (in all your spare time!)

Bonnie said...

Oh my word!!!! Those area awesome! How do you think of this stuff and then find the time?
You do need to sell these. I will definitely by them for my boys. You could even let people send you pictures they want on them. Like I could send one of Joshua playing football. When you are ready to sell them let me know! I will be the first customer!
Love you girl!

Julie said...

you're always doing amazing things!!!

Lisa Leonard said...

so freaking cute!!! love, love, love!!

Chet and Kat said...

those are so unbelievable! we would buy those!

The Murphy Family said...

How do you even do these? They are awesome and yes, we would buy one too. :)

joy said...

those are super cute!