Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i know she is bound for great things.

she wants to be an inventor when she grows up.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

remembering my dad.

1 year later:
this is how we remembered him.

the picture below his head stone. decorated about 6 months ago by jeremy with rocks.

jeremy keeping his papa's picture clean.

my favorite picture of the day. the kids sat at his grave for a little while and then walked away comforting on another. a treasured memory for sure.

we let balloons go. 1 blue balloon to symbolize 1 year passing.

my sweet niece becca.

uncle todd and becca doing 'up downs'.

my sister breezi and her boyfriend jason.

my brother tony & his wife beth.

the siblings... breezi, tony & i.

my sisters best friend (who is apart of the family), breezi & ash.

the end of the day we bar.b.qued at my sisters house. jt curled up on lindsay's shoulder. we had to take a picture because he is going to want this when he gets older.

and that concluded our day.

Monday, March 22, 2010


these past few weeks are but a blur. hard & emotional. tiresome. i can't quite figure out where they all have gone. vaporized into some time warped place in nothingness & i sit here and try to figure out what is going on. saturday rocked my world. i stood in a storage unit... recently emptied and displayed before me were all of my dads belongings. hard... yes. sad... yes. a blessing... definitely. as we dug deeper into the things that were my dads, my sister stumbled upon 2 files. one said 'breezi' & the other said 'summer'. there was nothing profound in them. no letters to us from him. but what was inside showed me what my dad treasured. he treasured us. he has all the letters i had written to him. my graduation stuff from high school. my first speeding ticket. my drivers test. a stub from when we went to go look at cars when he was getting me my first car. the card that the hospital gave him the day he received my blood during surgery. my college class schedule. a tee sheet from the first time we went golfing together, on it was his hand writting that said 'first round of golf with summer.' this one impacted me in a way that i didn't think it would. it was a beautiful momento. i remember that day well. i have such an insight into his heart for his kids.