Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my life. my loves. my lists.

i found this book at starbucks and it has a ton of questions, some thought provoking... some silly. there are quotes from people that are directly related to the questions asked. i love books like this. i started to do the book. so fun. here is my first question i've answered.

'recall as often as you wish; a happy memory never wears out.' libbie fudim

'what are the things i think of that always make me smile?'

-running around climbing trees with my brother as a kid.
-the day i found out i had a little sister (seriously feels like it was yesterday. my brother wanted a boy... i wanted a girl. i won. i wasn't gracious.)
-my dad.
-when my friend stephanie 'encouraged' todd to ask me out. (hilarious story that i had nothing to do with.)
-when i got married.
-when each of my kids asked jesus into their heart.
-ashlynn laying with my dad in bed and watching cartoons.
-talking to my niece on the phone.
-baking with ash.
-playing baseball with jeremy.
-hearing my kids talk about my dad.
-reading a good book.
-going to scooters jungle with the fam.
-mandy. anna. steph. alyssa.