Friday, June 27, 2008


surgery went well. as well as it can go i suppose. i was delayed getting into the surgery because of the surgery prior to my own. that didn't sit well with my nerves. so there i sat for 2 extra hours... waiting. when they finally wheeled me down to 'hugs & kisses' corner, i said good bye to my sister, dad, jan && todd. i cried of course. i was so scared. oh my goodness was i scared. being wheeled into the room i could only hear dr. malotte talking to me about making me more warm & seeing the anesthesiologist push more (much more) happy juice. i was out. not even remembering being transferred to the surgical table.

what i do remember is a little silly. i remember the recovery nurse talking a lot. i remember seeing my dad first. i remember jeremy bringing me candy and a card... but he ate the candy. hahahaha. that made me laugh.

they got the entire thyroid. each side of the thyroid was the size of a peach. so basically there were two peaches inside my throat. whoa! i am recovering. in pain, but doing good. thank you everyone who has prayed for me! i really appreciate it. more than you know.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the face of the sun!!!

margarita glasses... with snow cones was a big hit!

laying in the kiddie pool

oh yeah!

i wasn't aware that when we moved to the central coast (still love it!) && which has no air conditioning in the houses, that we were also moving to an area that feels more like we are on the face of the sun then on the coast. i know... i know... it really isn't like this all summer. praise the LORD! but since we have no air conditioning, we have been forced to make our own cooling methods. we made 'margaritas' (aka snow cones) & got a kiddie pool && there we sat! and splashed. && sipped on snow cones. fun in the little things i suppose! like cold hose water. shaved ice. kids splashing me! silly games. me splashing them. we have enjoyed getting wet && trying our best to stay nice and cool. we are trying to rest, but with no luck! oh well... we will just have to continue our adventures in splashing!!!
p.s. ashlynn even got to go to lisa lewis' house today and jump on the trampoline with the sprinklers on! so fun!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a day at the beach...

...with ashlynn and jeremy. well, really the only ones that really enjoyed the beach was ash && i! we had a blast while j just sat in my chair pouting (i think he just really misses todd... p.s. todd is in mexico). ugh for being a single parent this week. but nonetheless... we had a blast playing in the water, building sand castles, and trying to cheer up jeremy.

Monday, June 16, 2008

just another day

this is for you dad. it's a shame that they don't look like the catalde side... yeah right. i knew ash did, but check out jt's eyes & shape of face! so cute!!!

first tooth... gone!

ashlynn lost her first tooth. hurray! quite a feet trying to get that thing out... she didn't want us to 'rip it out', a direct quote from her. in the end, i pulled it out without any tears shed! she's growing up so fast.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, I was tagged and this one is from my friend Jeanette... the funny thing is Jeanette had a lot of the same answers I would have had... but I can't copy her. We have the same birthday... so we are just so similar! Hilariously after I read her blog like this. HA!

i am: who God made me... i can't change it... only nurture it.
i think: too much about everything... too much.
i know: that God is my constant!
i want: to make sure that my kids know i love them more than i love myself. a task that gets hard when you have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
i have: a heart for high school students.
i wish: i could be bold enough to make new friends.
i hate: leaving my friends behind.
i miss: my sister && my dad!
i fear: a lot!
i feel: emotions! they get the better of me!
i hear: high school musical 2 playing in the back ground.
i smell: nothing- i have a sinus infection! ugh!!!
i crave: relationships through my transition!
i search: for consistency.
i wonder: who my kids will marry.
i regret: things i have done in the past, but am thankful for the experience that i can pass on to others as a warning!
i love: my God, my family, my girlfriends, & the vast beauty of the beach!
i ache: when I feel people take what i say wrong.
i care: about the way i am raising my kids. i want them to be strong && sensitive individuals who love jesus & others.
i always: drink coffee in the morning.
i am not: brave
i believe: in the faithfulness of my savior.
i dance: to high school musical 1 & 2 && hannah montana. i have a 5 year old who is obsessed
i sing: horribly, but love to worship.
i cry: A LOT!
i don't always: know where i put my sunglasses or keys.
i fight: when it comes to my family... defending them.
i write: because i enjoy expressing myself.
i never: drink milk!
i listen: because i enjoy the thoughts of others.
i need: to be loved.
i am happy about: everything. happiness is subjective to each person. i love to be happy!

who's next to fill it out!

Julie's Faithful Doodles

hey everyone. as you might know or might not know... i love puppies! i think they are just the sweetest thing. we call jeremy 'our little dog whisperer'. all dogs love him && he loves all dogs. a friend of mine from back in santa clarita valley breeds the cutest dogs. you have to check out her blog. her puppies just had a litter. they are so stinking cute. check it out: