Saturday, June 21, 2008

the face of the sun!!!

margarita glasses... with snow cones was a big hit!

laying in the kiddie pool

oh yeah!

i wasn't aware that when we moved to the central coast (still love it!) && which has no air conditioning in the houses, that we were also moving to an area that feels more like we are on the face of the sun then on the coast. i know... i know... it really isn't like this all summer. praise the LORD! but since we have no air conditioning, we have been forced to make our own cooling methods. we made 'margaritas' (aka snow cones) & got a kiddie pool && there we sat! and splashed. && sipped on snow cones. fun in the little things i suppose! like cold hose water. shaved ice. kids splashing me! silly games. me splashing them. we have enjoyed getting wet && trying our best to stay nice and cool. we are trying to rest, but with no luck! oh well... we will just have to continue our adventures in splashing!!!
p.s. ashlynn even got to go to lisa lewis' house today and jump on the trampoline with the sprinklers on! so fun!!!


Lisa Leonard said...

definitely sounds like summer time!

joy said...

great idea with the sno cones in the margarita glasses. and i quite agree that a trampoline with water is a great combo. the kids love it!

Julie said...

can your kids be ANY more adorable??? seriously, i can't get over 'em. and you're such a cool mom doing fun stuff....i'm a bore! lol.. miss you!!