Thursday, March 20, 2008

our garden.

we planted a garden. it's little, but it is going to be so fun. ashlynn and jeremy take care of it everyday. they make sure the plants have enough water. they want to go out each morning and see if the plants have grown. they are waiting... patiently... for the cucumbers and yellow squash to sprout up from seeds. WELCOME SPRING!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

'like i talk to jesus'

'i'll talk to papa like i talk to jesus'
was the response i got from ashlynn when we talked to her about my daddy. as some of you know my dad is fighting for his life. he has battled kidney cancer for the last 16 years... wow! i type that and i truly can't believe it has been that long. last week, my dad got the results read of his scans. the tumors are shrinking... praise the LORD. however (i truly hate this word), the medication he is on this time is not meant to cure his cancer, but rather to 'give him some time.' we are not sure how much 'time' the LORD has granted him, but we know that our time is precious. it always has been with my dad.
my mom and dad have always been very upfront with us about what is going on in his battle with cancer. i beyond appreciate it! i have taken the same stance with my kiddos. they know what is going on in papa life. it is their way of being connected to what mommy cries about. so we told them that papa is sick again and that we need to take as much time as we can with him before he goes home to be with JESUS.
ashlynn has ALWAYS had such a unique bond with my dad. it impresses me beyond belief. my dad is able to calm her in a way that no one else can... i really mean no one. i am not sure where the bond comes from, but it is unique nonetheless. to see them together is a joy of mine. ash becomes this sweet little girl and not a girl who is often hard to handle. if you know ashlynn at all, you know that she is 'spicy'. her spicy-ness drips away with my dad. she loves her papa more than she loves anything. her favorite bear, mooches, in which she must have in order to fall asleep, comes from her papa. a bond like no other.
when we told her, her response was... 'i'll talk to papa, like i talk to jesus.' i melted. i cried. i hurt for her. i hurt for me. i hurt for my siblings and their families. my dad is amazing. i hope everyone gets to meet him! love you daddy!