Thursday, April 10, 2008

so much fun.

what a week we had! we had a lot of visitors just after easter... it was such a blast! we had such a wonderful time hanging out with friends and family. our week started with an early easter service... 8:00 a.m. it was such a blessing. still missing friends and family who got to sunrise service at grace baptist at 6:00 a.m., we had such a wonderful time in our new church. it felt like we were home.

todd finished up his 'duties' in the third service and we all jumped in the car to head down to santa clarita. we spent a few hours in the car with very excited kiddos. they just wanted to see papa and auntie breezi... oh yes, and go for an easter egg hunt. they had such a good time... eating candy and playing around in papa's back yard.

after a fantastic bar.b.que we had a little celebration. we celebrated tony (bro), beth ( and my birthday. tony's birthday was the 10th and beth and i share a birthday... march 24! it was so fun. we each got our own pie. i love lemon meriangue. my favorite pie ever! we went out to the fetter's house in much need of some rest! after spending the night, we took katy home with us to enjoy spring break up in SLO.

my favorite day we had together was going to avila and playing at the beach. ashlynn built sand castles... 'swam 'in the water (by herself)... ran around.

and jeremy, well... this is what he did...

yep... he rolled around. so sandy that i wasn't sure how i was going to get the sand off of him! he had so much fun... but wasn't as adventerous in the water!

its been a long while.

'silly kiddos before church'...
poor sunday school teachers.

so i am still trying to get consistent at blogging but it isn't working. my busy-ness takes over and i honestly forget. why do we allow ourselves to get so busy that we forget to correspond with our family and friends that we dearly love? seriously why? it makes me sad that i am not better at it. it is a struggle that i wish i could overcome and i truly try really hard to overcome. i love to hear about what is going on in the lives of those i truly cherish. i need to lay aside my selfish ambitions and focus on that which is truly important and lovable! my goal!!! cherish those relationships that i love... my SAVIOR, family and friends. hugs & love.