Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, I was tagged and this one is from my friend Jeanette... the funny thing is Jeanette had a lot of the same answers I would have had... but I can't copy her. We have the same birthday... so we are just so similar! Hilariously after I read her blog like this. HA!

i am: who God made me... i can't change it... only nurture it.
i think: too much about everything... too much.
i know: that God is my constant!
i want: to make sure that my kids know i love them more than i love myself. a task that gets hard when you have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
i have: a heart for high school students.
i wish: i could be bold enough to make new friends.
i hate: leaving my friends behind.
i miss: my sister && my dad!
i fear: a lot!
i feel: emotions! they get the better of me!
i hear: high school musical 2 playing in the back ground.
i smell: nothing- i have a sinus infection! ugh!!!
i crave: relationships through my transition!
i search: for consistency.
i wonder: who my kids will marry.
i regret: things i have done in the past, but am thankful for the experience that i can pass on to others as a warning!
i love: my God, my family, my girlfriends, & the vast beauty of the beach!
i ache: when I feel people take what i say wrong.
i care: about the way i am raising my kids. i want them to be strong && sensitive individuals who love jesus & others.
i always: drink coffee in the morning.
i am not: brave
i believe: in the faithfulness of my savior.
i dance: to high school musical 1 & 2 && hannah montana. i have a 5 year old who is obsessed
i sing: horribly, but love to worship.
i cry: A LOT!
i don't always: know where i put my sunglasses or keys.
i fight: when it comes to my family... defending them.
i write: because i enjoy expressing myself.
i never: drink milk!
i listen: because i enjoy the thoughts of others.
i need: to be loved.
i am happy about: everything. happiness is subjective to each person. i love to be happy!

who's next to fill it out!


The Meier Family said...

Hey lady...that was beautiful. I love & miss you SOO much! I just read your comment on our page, and started crying. I will be earnestly praying for you my sweet Sum! Hear I am complaining about being pregnant & my inlaws moving 15 min. away from us, and the whole time you have a much more difficult trial you are enduring. Please forgive my lack of sensitivity to you & your needs. I love you dearly! I am scheduled for a C-section On June 25th, so if I don't go into labor on my own by then, we'll both be in surgery! I will be thinking of you! Love you & am here for you!

The Murphy Family said...

Yea! I am glad you filled this out... it takes some time, but fun to read. Man, we are a lot alike! :)