Saturday, March 27, 2010

remembering my dad.

1 year later:
this is how we remembered him.

the picture below his head stone. decorated about 6 months ago by jeremy with rocks.

jeremy keeping his papa's picture clean.

my favorite picture of the day. the kids sat at his grave for a little while and then walked away comforting on another. a treasured memory for sure.

we let balloons go. 1 blue balloon to symbolize 1 year passing.

my sweet niece becca.

uncle todd and becca doing 'up downs'.

my sister breezi and her boyfriend jason.

my brother tony & his wife beth.

the siblings... breezi, tony & i.

my sisters best friend (who is apart of the family), breezi & ash.

the end of the day we bar.b.qued at my sisters house. jt curled up on lindsay's shoulder. we had to take a picture because he is going to want this when he gets older.

and that concluded our day.


Linda Z said...

What a beautiful day, Summer. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Priscilla said...

what a sweet, sweet memory day, Summer! Miss you!

Joanie said...

That is a sweet way to celebrate a good man. I hope the day held a lot of healing for you and your family.