Wednesday, September 3, 2008


we destroyed our kids on monday afternoon. truly we just about brought them to the point of breaking. it was about 90 degrees outside & we chose to go for a hike up bishops peak. we had water & food. two kids. two parents. and we actually all wore tennis shoes. it was just too hot. we hiked for a long time... almost got to the top, but then both kids broke (almost broke). we decided to head back down the hill and try again when it was a little less hot to save us from hearing how tired the kids were the whole way down. we still had a lot of fun. here are some cute pictures of the kids on the hike. red cheeks and all.
ash && jt

our trooper... in his hiking hat as he deemed it. todd brought it home for him from the high school room.


Bonnie said...

I love hearing about all your adventures!

Jacquelyn said...

Love Bishop's Peak ... our family has never quiet made it to the peak though. Eliot gets too clumsy when his legs are tired and we were afraid we'd lose him off the side!

Irish Girl said...

I lived in SLO for 20 years and never went up Bishops... and only went up Madonna once, but had kids with me too, so I didn't get to go all the way up. :)
Miss you guys!