Wednesday, June 3, 2009

elephant kisses.

kiss. eskimo kiss. butterfly kiss. elephant kiss.

every night jeremy gives me these kisses. we invented the elephant kiss. while watching animal planet one night, showing the life of an elephant herd. they were playfully flapping their ears at one another... showing affection. thus beginning our wonderful playful kisses. so we touch ears... an elephant kiss. i just got one. it was so sweet. it is all sealed with a monster hug.


Linda Z said...

I love butterfly and eskimo kisses... I'm going to have to add elephant to the list! :)

Lisa Lewis said...

When Matt was Jeremy's age (actually a little younger) we regularly watched Land Before Time. Little Foot and his momma gave each other dinosaur kisses (a big wet lick on the cheek!) I know it may sound gross, but a little boy's breath is like puppy breath; so sweet a memory I have to say! Keep those memories close!