Monday, July 28, 2008

super/ diva hero.

my friend lindsey is one of the most creative people i have ever met. she is full of inspiration! sometimes i get so overwhelmed with inspiration when i see the things that she has created. truly a talent! this idea comes from her blog. on sunday jeremy asked me to make him a cape so he could be a super hero... followed by ashlynn's request for a diva cape. as i was thinking about how i could do it, i remembered that lindsey had made one back towards the beginning of the year... thus began the start of the super hero & diva hero in our house. i dusted off my sewing machine (its been a while) & began to create!
ashlynn choose a hot pink polka dot for the underside & a green, pink, & orange paisley for the front. we just made the 'A' with scraps from the underside... as well as the straps. ash's design.

super hero & diva hero take a rest! we needed it after jt said he was going to save super diva girl & tried to fly off the top of the couch! it was disaster... he landed on ash. okay so it was a little bit funny too... because they were both okay.


Lisa Leonard said...

so so so so so so cute! yay!!

Carrie Haughey said...

Love the capes! You are such a crafty mama!

Linda Z said...

Hi! Welcome to SLO! I don't think we know each other, but I remember your husband from La Crescenta First Baptist. And Judy played the piano at my wedding!! Small world, huh!! I linked to you through Lisa's site... I've got a couple of her necklaces! :) Anyway, hope your family is enjoying the central coast! Say "hi" to Todd for Patrick and I!

Kim Givens said...

Hey Summer! What a cute idea!!! I need to dust off my sewing machine myself.
I finally started a blog for us! It was great to see you at G.B. Church a couple weeks ago. We miss you guys.

Plasterer Family said...

I'm so impressed, Summer- they turned out sooo cute- you are pretty talented!! I love your creative, and cute ideas!