Thursday, July 24, 2008

i forgot...

the lions head is right near the kids. it yawned & looked
right at them. they thought that was amazing.

ash. papa. jt.

this one from a while back. we got a pass to the santa barbara zoo. it is half way between santa clarita and slo! yeah!!! we met my dad (very special time) at the zoo and wandered around looking at all the animals. i must say that the giraffe's have the best view in the zoo. it was such a fun time just chasing the kids, having lunch & hanging with pops (i call him pop... the kids call him papa). it has been so hard to be away from him during all of his treatments and illness, listening to his struggle, but not being able to really help him out. this was such a sweet time of hanging out with him & enjoying his company. he really is the nicest guy you will ever meet! i am not just saying that because he is my dad.