Thursday, July 24, 2008

a project.

i was feeling iNspIReD! i get all of this wonderful artwork from the kids, but i dOn'T always display it! i solved my pRoBLeM!!! i created an aRTwOrk wall! a wall to dIspLAy the kids artwork so they can show off aLL the bEAutIFuL work that they have put their little HeArTS into.

the 'home' sign was a gIFt for moTHerS day from the kids & todd too. it is made from a fence from a local farm house that was torn down. the wood is from 1912.

this piece of wood displays the aRTwoRk. if you have been to my house you have seen my 1800's texas farmhouse hutch that my mom gave to me. this PiEce extends the counter space, but we have never used it. it has so much cHAraCTeR i couldn't throw it away. so i finally have a use for it! i went to staples and picked up some really cute binder clips and screwed them into the piece of board. (no worries if i ever want to use the piece of wood in the hutch, it just added more character when i drilled new holes.)
here is some artwork. ash has really wanted to do some water coloring. here is her flower with sunbeams going around it. jt's 'horse' is in the background. even matty leonard has some watercolor art on the wall. they are so PrOUd! && so am I! art is a passion of mine. my mom was an art teacher & always encouraged us to find our artistic nature. i love to draw and create... so does AsHLynN. jT does whatever he can do to get the most mEssY!


Lisa Leonard said...

that is so, so cute!!! i love it!

The Murphy Family said...

Oooo... I love the character!!!! Great idea!

asnipofgoodness said...

This is such a cute idea, I can see it applied in a very modern way also with the same clips! Thanks for sharing!