Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the last two weeks...

Well... where do we start. Hume... that is where our week started... two weeks ago! We had the most wonderful time driving up to Hume. Ashlynn and Jeremy were so good. We even stopped off at the outlets in Tulare! They didn't love that, but I did!!! On the way I got pulled over by a park ranger for speeding. He wasn't nice. JT kept asking what they were going to do with him & Ash when I had to go to jail! Oh the ideas of kids.
Hume was a blast. Full of yelling for recreation, worshipping & just hanging out at the swimming pool. Let's not forget the Hume shakes. I was good & only had 1.
abby & bethany after mud! abby won!

me & taylor.

We then left Hume early (so sad), but was so excited to spend some time with friends while going to a wedding. Ashlynn was the flower girl & Todd was a groomsman. The wedding was beautiful. The groom, Ryan, cried when the bride, Rachel, walked down the aisle. They are both like family to us, so to be a part of the wedding was so fun. & we couldn't be happier for them!


my dad. ash. todd. (yes todd is wearing purple)

On Sunday it was recap time for Hume. We went to Port San Luis for a bonfire with the Junior High & High School students. There we were able to hear what God did in their lives while they were up at Hume & even how they plan to continue that passion now that they are home. We also got to worship together, where Ben almost lit everyone in the front row on fire!

todd flying jt.


jt. he went potty in his pants so he had to wear todds sweatshirt.
he looked so cute despite the circumstances.

One last thing. We have a new addition to our family. Meet Rusty. He is our new puppy. We also have an 85 lb golden retriever named Hurley, but he is too big to play with Rusty just yet. Though they are not yet friends, but are very curious about each other.
Isn't he cute. He follows me everywhere. He is only 7 1/2 weeks old. Precious.

That about wraps up our crazy lives. We are busy. As summers usually are in Student Ministries. Barely any time to breathe!!!!!!


Julie said...

OH MY...What a cutie pie!! :) What kind of dog is he?

Ok...check this out...I was visiting with an old college roommate of mine and her mom. I commented on the moms necklace and she said, Oh Karen's (her daughter in law) best friend makes/sells them. Her name is Lisa Leonard!!! I 'bout jumped outta my pants! I told her all about you and that you were probably the one to make the necklace! Small world!! :) Anyhow, you'll have to ask LL if she knows Karen Boschmann. :)

LOVED hearing/seeing your dad at service 2 weeks ago. So cool!

Carrie Haughey said...

Love the pictures!

Your new puppy is so cute! I may have to come have some puppy time at your house!