Tuesday, April 27, 2010

little things that make me smile.

sparkles make me smile. since (being now a resident of oregon) the glimmer of sunshine is something that makes me smile... simply because we see less of the sunshine up here. (by the way... did you know that in the springtime it isn't supposed to be 75-85 degrees? huh... just learned that). so for that i created my own glimmer... here is my replication of the shimmer in my new little house. these {antique glass crystals} were courtesy of my mom who works in a restoration store in the historic district of dallas/ fort worth, texas. i have carted these around with me for a while dying to find a place for them. here are the two things that i have done with them.

#1: at the bottom of the jars hanging in the bathroom {2 from pottery barn... 1 a canning jar}. inside the jar a tea lights... to add a little sparkle. (candles are not lit in this picture)

#2: hanging from my birdcage {minus the bird}, next to a lamp & candle that allow the glass to glimmer, glisten, & shine.
{{ps. more to come on our little adventures in oregon.}}