Monday, April 26, 2010

i know i will get an award.

i asked ash this morning what she was going to say when i got the award for being the greatest mom... she laughed and said, 'that's a good question.' i know i am bound to get one because the other day when she came home from school she asked me to make her something pink to wear for the next day because... well she was supposed to wear pink. when i asked what she was supposed to wear pink for, she said she had no idea, but that elle said she should wear pink. so since i had just found a large piece of fabric at the bottom of my scrap bin (which i will show another time & what i am doing with those scraps), which wasn't even a scrap, it was a little piece of heaven, i set out to make her a quick little shirt. i know what you are thinking... why hasn't anyone presented the award yet... well i am waiting. ash will give the speech! now don't you think i should get an award for it?


Erika Marie said...

YES!! You should definitely get an award. =) that is beautiful. Ash is a lucky girl to have a mommy like you <3 miss you!

SomisSurferGirl said...

you are incredible and that is the most beautiful piece of work!

Julie said...

Definitely! I would have told her to dig up the old pink shirt from the laundry basket instead! haha

Ineke said...

over here they have the same crazy things the day before.
O mom we have to write a story about how we met X cos he's going to another school and now i need feathers and lava stones.
Or; Mom can you make me a local dish for 6 persons for the food fair tomorrow.