Wednesday, May 27, 2009


yesterday... as i wrote yesterday... was a rather unique and difficult day emotionally for me. what could have been a really sad day turned out to be a huge blessing. a little story for you. we were in the market for new cell phones. i thought yesterday would be a good time to go out and surprise todd with the new phone. ash and i headed over to at&t (a new carrier for us) because todd is in love with the i-phone. we make our purchases with a really sweet employee named angel. she ran through everything with me... ash continually asking if it was time to go. (it got a little long). she hands me the phones and i freak out! all the messages i had saved from the past year of my dad were on my old phone, old service, now somewhere is space. i instantly start balling, apologizing continually to her & then get her crying. she went into help mode. i tried to forward the messages on my old phone to her. having to listen to the entire message and then forward them (crying). unsuccessful. she calls verizon and talks with them. i call verizon and talk with the customer service agent who i now have to tell i just left his service but want him to help me despite the fact that i packed up and jumped ship. i hand the phone to her & she gets them to stop the transfer for a few hours so i can get home and record. successful. i rush to pick up jt from tiny tigers (preschool). rush home. charge my now dying phone because i don't want to record the beep of the dying phone. i have to re-listen to all the messages (now for the second time & the tears came that much quicker and easier). but i got them. angel called me to make sure i got them from my phone. she was so sweet. she even called her husband crying after i left the store. her name fit her today. so if you go to slo at&t see her. she is amazing.

on a fun note. here are some silly pics of my kids playing with boxes. we are setting up furniture in an office space & they played with the boxes and painters tape. i comletely remember my little-big brother (i now call him this because he is 6 ft 2 in and i am almost a foot shorter than him... but still older. ugh.) and i doing this when we were kids. my dad was a developer and when they would set up the models (if it was close to our house) he would bring home the boxes & build us these elaborate box houses in the backyard... our houses had windows and doors. i guess that is what you get when you have a dad who is in construction. ash & j just built a ship. one of the boxes became the ocean. j tried to surf on it. he even made surf board out of cardboard. one of the best parts of the day was that my dad's best friends daughter, who is like a sister to me, stopped on her drive to see us. we spent about 6 hours just hanging out. it was perfect.


Beth said... the tears from the first part! Oh man, do I know the feeling...the last time my mom sang "happy birthday" is forever lost in cell phone space! SOOOO glad you were able to keep them!

Joanie said...

Wow. Glad you were able to get those messges. There's just something about being able to hear their words.