Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so i have been a rather pondering type mood. trying to find myself or something. i am not totally sure, but thoughts of life & survival have popped in my head a ton this past week. the realizations of who i am have been a little bit daunting, but nonetheless insightful. allowing my mind to try and figure out 'life' is insane. here is my question... why is it that we (i) allow ourselves to stand in the shadow of others? even if they are our friends. why do we not see ourselves as worthy of shining as bright as those who are around us? how come we don't value who we are in Christ, bringing forth a ray of light that is so striking?

amuse me for a second... i was watching 'the holiday' with kate winslet, jack black, cameron diaz, & jude law. there is a scene that always makes me think. it is when kate winslets character is eating with the older gentleman in a restaraunt & he is analyzing her (in a sense). he used to be in the film industry & is trying to encourage her in her recent 'split' of sorts which brought her to LA on 'holiday'. he says... in movies, there are the friends & then there are leading ladies. kate winslet's response is... you are supposed to be the leading lady of your own life. there are word in between, but you get the picture.

we get this beautiful life only once. we get today only once. this moment is only seen once. i need to make sure that i am shining in this life, today, & moment... but how is the question.


Joanie said...

I hear you, Summer! I also struggle with letting myself be the leading lady in my own life, and not standing in the way with fear or what ifs. Sometimes even the mundane takes over: laundry vs. enjoying my kids and life, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts on this- it is inspiring.

Bonnie said...

You are amazing. A leading lady for sure, you just need to see yoru life played out in front of you. It is hard to see when you are the one in the movie. If your life was played back for you to watch I think all your questions would be answered. You are truly an amazing woman that shines daily in the lives of so many. Most importantly you shine in the lives of your family. You are a treasure valued far more than diamonds.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your writings Sum. I have been reading your blog! :)