Friday, December 19, 2008


i was informed by a number of people that jen collins (who would hate to be called out i know) was one of the wonderful people who helped with the craziness of our house. jen cleaned the kitchen. we were making egg salad sandwiches just before we went flying down the 101 freeway on saturday. thank you jen. you and so many others were such a huge blessing to me. i can't begin to describe the emotions i had when i walked into my house and was simply able to sit down and rest. thank you.


joy said...

oh, that is just like jen. she would hate to be called out. i'm so glad that you have been taken care of and that your tree is even up and decorated. wish i could have helped, but glad you were served in such a way.

Joanie said...

We're praying for you, dear Summer!

(And would also be glad to help on the homefront - I'm just a phone call away...)