Thursday, December 18, 2008


i have some amazing support... from not only my family, but my friends. i want to share with you the blessings we have seen in the last few days.

  • friends came and pick up our kiddos when we got to the hospital so that we were able to run in and see dad. joel and kim took the kids to mcdonalds, did crafts with them, and talked with them about papa.
  • people opened up their home for us to stay at without us even having to ask... mama fett made us breakfast in the morning, bought us toothbrushes, and talked with us.
  • curtis and diane were waiting at the hospital to come and hug us through all the pain.
  • ben took care of our dogs.
  • people brought us food while we waited with my dad in the hospital.
  • there were some great sales going on so we could get clothes.
  • renelle took ashlynn and jeremy to play with cole at skyhigh bounce house.
  • those who had our kids shared the stories with us about them talking about my dad. that brought me so much comfort.
  • the nursing staff let ash & j go see my dad when he was in the step down unit (you are supposed to be at least 14, but they allowed the kids go give hugs and kisses).
  • so many people came by to see us and give hugs knowing that they might not see my dad.
  • when we got home our christmas tree was set up with christmas lights already on it (know we left with it thrown into our garage, it was actually still on the top of our car when we got the dreaded call).
  • lisa, erika, and anna cleaned my house (we left so quickly & were in the middle of setting up our christmas tree that things were everywhere. they know me well enough to know that situations like that can be a little bit stressful for me. they set up the tree with ben's help).
  • there were phone calls & text messages of love and encouragement.
i was just so thankful for everyone and everything that was done. i was amazed!


Mama Mote said...

You are a family who is truly loved. Isn't it great when God gives you friends and family who step up to the plate to take care of your needs when you don't even know you need them! Glad to see that Jeremy and Cole got together, too.

TexasGrammie said...
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TexasGrammie said...

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. You are such light......May God continue to bless you.

Kate said...

my heart is heavy for you and i am thinking and praying for you. much love.

Joanie said...

May you and your family continue to be surrounded with love, grace, mercy and joy as you go through this. That is my prayer.

joy said...

hi, summer. i join you in thankfulness for all the many blessings along this difficult road. love you.

Renelle and Cole said...

I, along with everyone else (I'm sure), consider it a privilege to help out and be there for you and your family in any way possible. :) Love you.

lindsey said...

hey sum - you've been in our thoughts and prayers. let us know how we can help in any way.
ps - jen collins helped with your house, too!