Tuesday, December 9, 2008


it has been a while since the last time i actually got on my blog. about 2 weeks & 1 day to be exact. why do you ask? well let me share with you the lastest findings in my life. i have chosen to find the comedy in all of them... because without laughter i think i might need to be placed in a padded room. no seriously. here we go...

1. we have found new ways to homeschool. being that we are driving to LA so much to see my dad, the back seat has become a homeschool area! (yes i am driving and taking the picture at the same time, using the rear view mirror). sheer talent!

2. when you have your bathroom redone because of a leak in several places, there is a layer of dust that comes with the remodel. the dust doesn't remove itself when the workers leave, nor do they pick up the stuff that they have tracked into the house. plus you have be be careful to make sure that you have closed the bottom drawer before you turn around and try to walk past it. i have a feeling that it will puncture a hole in your shin and you will fall to the floor in such agony! no idea how i know that, but i do. maybe it is the magical powers my kids think i have.

3. my sister will still bite me when i do something she doesn't like. she is 24 years old. yes 24. all i tried to do was to erase a picture from her camera that she took of me in which i felt i looked too fat. she didn't like that!

4. ashlynn started handing out her number to boys. oh my, it has already started.

5. it takes 4 firefighters to come and show me how to turn off the alarm for the sprinkler system in the house... all the while jeremy asking if we are going to burn up & say, 'mom what did you do?' oh by the way, all you have to do is flip the breaker switch to 'off'. yes they laughed at me. yes i was home alone. no i didn't call 911.

6. which leads to the next observation if you will... when you are calling for help, just call the dispatch number on the first page of the phone book. if you call the city fire department number and leave a message, they will call back the next day. then you have to relive all the drama of the previous day all over again.
7. working 35 hours a week can make you a little crazy while attempting to accomplish everything else in life. by the way, 10 cups off coffee in one day IS TOO much!

8. working from home doesn't mean you have more time to clean up the house, it just means that there is another area of the house that needs attention daily.

9. my house won't clean itself. why won't it clean itself. doesn't it know that i have things i need to get done.

10. playing in the rain relieves all the tention.
11. and yes... cookies do make everything better. especially when you get a cookie sandwich from diddy reese in westwood. but make sure that you don't park in front of the sign that says you will be towed. you really will be towed. actually it took the guy about 7 minutes to come and almost hook up our car to impound it. my brother talked the guy down from $150 dollars per car to $40 dollars. which reminds me that people are just so darn honest. (laugh now)
12. yelling at the sewing machine doesn't make it go any faster. it just wouldn't sew the shirts i am doing for the boutique tomorrow any faster. ashlynn actually came up and rubbed my back telling me, 'everything is going to be okay.' do you think i went to far by yelling at the sewing machine?
13. you CAN read a book too many times before it gets frustrating. for some reason this book sent me over the edge. why in the world would a fox want to eat a gingerbread man? who knows.


Matt and Stephanie said...

Okay that wa pretty darn funny, At least I know I am not the only one who will yell at a sewing machine. Sorry it has been a trying time for you. Your family is in our prayers

Renelle and Cole said...

You are...completely nuts. And that is why I love you. And miss you. A TON! :) Glad everything is going so "smoothly" up there. :) Call me when you have a spare minute. Love you.

Julie said...

LOL!!!! You are HILARIOUS! And seriously entertaining. And so real. I love it! :)

The Murphy Family said...

These are all halarious. Homeschooling?! My, you ARE brave! :)

Mama Mote said...

Laughter IS the best medicine. You're right. If you don't laugh, you will cry and that takes more energy and causes more stress. I'm praying for you as you do your traveling and spend time with your family. God will get you through this as He has taken you through everything else. He carries you in His hands.

joy said...

i'm so glad you didn't go buy bags today. i think that really would have sent you over the edge. :) i love hanging out with you!