Tuesday, October 7, 2008

t's for the girly.

i did ash's t-shirts finally. i got up at 5:30 this morning. eeek. i actually just couldn't sleep, but doesn't it just sound so productive when you tell someone that you got up at 5:30 to start your day? she has been begging me since i did jeremy's. you can't really tell, but the one that looks red is actually hot pink. every little girl needs pink. on each of the t-shirts there is a button. i had to do a little embellishment like i did for j's. it just completes the whole thing.

'all of them'

'beach sign'

'sand dollar': this one is special because we found the sand dollar together when we were in pismo a few weeks ago.

' lifeguard tower': this one could be for a boy i suppose, if it was on a boy's t-shirt, but it might look a little funny on a boy if the sleeves have a little puff to them. they are on girl t-shirts.


Irish Girl said...

So cute! Once again, I think you should sell these! :)

Mama Mote said...

I would buy the sand dollar. My bathroom was filled with shells and sea stuff. Can't wait to get into my own place again and get them out again.