Wednesday, October 22, 2008

busy times.

this past week has been so extremely hectic! when isn't our weeks hectic. we all have our things that keep us busy. i am trying to figure out how to do this homeschooling thing with a little bit of grace and dignity. i love the classical training that ashlynn is getting... giving presentations in front of her class about the 'garden of luxemburg', koala bears, & sharing the crazy stories about her pumpkin 'squishy' she made up for her presentation today (p.s. squish fell into the ocean where he ran into a sailboat. he wanted to find a cheerios for a snack, but he got a best friend instead). it has been a blessing, sometimes in disguise, but a blessing that has brought our relationship that much closer. by the way, how the heck to i get through the day with her loving home more than the classroom she gets to go to 2 days a week? trying to make reading/ phonics fun has been a challenge. it can be a battle of wills & that isn't something that i want for us. sorry mom if i was this hard!

we are reading MIKE MULLIGAN right now. my dad is a developer & gave us a lot of time on job sites as kids. this is when i wish i was close to one of the job sites where they are doing some grading. my siblings and i always got rides in the scoops of the tractors. since we aren't close to any job site, nor do i think they are even grading... ash and i are going to go to the beach to dig a huge hole tomorrow. just the two of us. i think it will be quite an adventure. 'mary anne', the character in the book, is a steam engine. i am sure we will loose a lot of 'steam' trying to dig a hole! but her and i are all about adventures. so we are 'adventuring' tomorrow. watch out!


Linda Z said...

Hi Summer! It was fun getting to chat with you guys at lunch the other day! :)

Your blog looks so pretty! I've loved and collected shells since I was small!

I would love to hear more about Wicked! I have wanted to see it for quite a while. I have dressed up as both Dorothy and Glinda several times in my life, so I probably should see it before it finishes its run!

Eric and Lindsey said...

I am so jealous about Ashlyn's school! We've been debating on where to put Gracie next year. I wish Santa Clarita had an option like that!