Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just another day.

well... today started off like no other, but it was not surprising to me. you see, we are not the typical family. well, my husband doesn't have a typical job. we woke up this morning (wednesday) to a phone call at 1:30 a.m. there is no reason your phone should ring that early in the morning. but unfortunately ours did. now i know what you are thinking... something horrible happened. oh well, not horrible... just the typical...with a voice on the other line saying 'todd, go look in the front yard!' much to his dismay (as he is sneaking through the house and peeking out the bedroom window)... did we have a surprise... (p.s. they called and were still in the front yard... such amateurs).

we got tee peed. now some of you may be thinking... why is a 30 year old getting tee peed. being a youth pastor, it happens more than you think. it is really quite a privilege i guess. students spending their parents hard earned money on toilet paper just to spew it about your front yard. we had a good laugh. it was the perfect start to the typical anniversary we have being in ministry. oh did i mention that today is our 8th anniversary. which we wished each other 'happy anniversaries' while picking up toilet paper in the front yard. it really was a blessing and a fun reminder of what a wonderful job todd has. usually we are up at hume lake spending our anniversary with 300+ of our closest friends (aka our old church youth group). so it is fitting. ministry goes on. i loved it!

'cheap labor'

we paid ashlynn 1 penny for each piece of toilet paper she would pick up. cheap labor. she had a good time cleaning it up. it was really cute. this is the first time she has wanted to help clean it up. money talks with this one, even if it was a penny.

'we pay higher for the more dangerous jobs'

we paid more to get her on the roof. she got 25 cents for getting up there and pulling it all of the roof. this girl has no fear. she was more than willing to get up there. she even jumped down... not to the ground. todd caught her.

to top off the anniversary night... todd had to go speak at youth group & at cal poly's campus crusade. it was a typical 'i married a youth pastor' anniversary. don't feel too bad, we are celebrating on friday night. we got a babysitter (thanks taylor) and are going out! yeah for us!!! it has been a wonderful 8 years of marriage. filled with fun, laughter, tears, and my best friend.


Emilie said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you enjoy each other. I miss you guys and love ya! Rock on for the tee peeing!

Debbie said...

Boy this brings back memories! It was the way we showed our youth pastor how much we loved him. The only difference is that we came back the next morning and cleaned it up! We did expect donuts, however!

Cara said...

You make me laugh! and Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Todd have fun on Friday night...Oh Keith wanted to know if Ash ripped up each piece of TP so she would end up making more money? He also offered to help pick up next time you get TP'd if you pay him a penny a piece :)...funny boy.

Carrie Haughey said...


Sorry you got T'P'd... I guess it comes with the territory though... in my Youth Group you didn't do a good job of it if you used less than 50 rolls, our Youth Pastor's standard, not ours!

So, does this mean the Youth Group officially wants you to stay? ;0)

Lisa Leonard said...

so funny, except the clean up is not so funny!! ahh...memories. late night tee-peeing!

Chet and Kat said...

Oh my goodness Summer! I found you by accident on here and I am so excited, I am going to put your blog link on mine! Miss you and love you. How are you?

joy said...

happy anniversary! how fun.