Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5 things i learned today.

1. we have no control over the direction of our lives... but we can control our attitudes towards the direction.
2. even when life takes a sudden turn that hurts... your kids still need to be taken care of & that the dishes don't wash themselves.
3. we have the opportunity to start fresh after every mistake. frustrations will arise... thus the need for some alone time to regain your composure & start fresh.
4. we are not guaranteed a perfect tomorrow... today is the time to show people we love them.
5. there is always time to be silly!


Lisa Leonard said...

so, so true. thanks for the reminder.

Kristal Sawyer said...

hey summer! i just found your blog! =) just wanted to let you know i'm praying for you today...
love, kristal

Renelle & Cole said...

Very good, Oh wise one. I agree with all of the statements. And I love you bunches and tons! Good talking to you yesterday...I miss you!!!!!!!!!