Friday, August 22, 2008

the chairs.

i have been blessed with a mom who loves antiques. i must admit that growing up i didn't share the same affection for antiquing as my mom. actually i hated them all over our house. but things have changed. i am not as crazy about them as my mom is still, but i do love a good story behind the piece that i have in my home. i have hutch that was passed down to me that is from a farm house in texas from the 1800's. i have plenty of milk glass & jadeite. i am blessed to have a french vanity that needs to be restored, but the mirrors are beautiful. amongst other pieces my mom gave me 6 chairs when she moved to texas... she had so much stuff!!! we got these amazing antique chairs from her that i remember using when i was growing up (some are over 100 years old). they were really worn out and kind of gross! so i re-did them. after 3 trips to home depot... adding colors & changing my mind... i am finally so excited about them.
the three stages of the chairs.
natural. primer. & paint.

i used 4 different colors... here are two. i recovered them with fabric & a plastic cover... aka protection from ash & jt!

it was a labor of love! i enjoy a good project. this has been my project for the last week. everyone one got involved. ashlynn helped me primer. jeremy made a mess in the garage while i painted. it was really a lot of fun! plus i love them. the color of them is so happy and exciting. it really changed the looked of our kitchen. next i am going to paint an antique table that i have. it is worn and weather & screaming for attention.


Emilie said...

You're so cool. I hope I can do stuff like that someday! Miss you!

Kate said...

absolutely beautiful!

Lisa Leonard said...

they are the cutest chairs EVER! i totally love your creativity!!

Cara said...

I love the look! I'll have to stop by some time to see them in person :). Hope you had fun at Fall Forward!

joy said...

how fun--they are so beautiful! i love jadeite, too. i'd love to see your collection sometime. hope that doesn't sound weird. loved chatting with you yesterday, too!

Renelle and Cole said...

Great job...I always love what you do! :) Maybe someday soon I can come and sit in them and eat a yummy dinner you have prepared! :) Love ya!