Tuesday, February 5, 2008


gracefully... all but jeremy... did we roam through shell beach. we had such a wonderful time playing in the freezing water, catching crabs, looking for shells, and watching the beauty of the day. we simply took a bucket, two shovels (each kid needs a shovel) and ourselves down to the beach. our exploration began. ashlynn continually said, "look. this is so beautiful." jeremy was worried about the waves getting him. todd wandered out on the rocks. i took pictures and dug in the sand with ash looking for beautiful treasures. it was a fun family adventure. i love being able to explore with the kids. it is a blessing to see their faces as they see things for the first time. my joy!


Renelle, Mike & Cole said...

Love the pics! So cute of Ash on the rocks! And I love the one of Todd and JT...very precious! Glad you guys are having a great time exploring. Miss you like crazy!