Monday, February 11, 2008


there is no doubt that my move has been hard. it has been a struggle emotionally. it has been a physical burden. it has taken a toll of my spirit. that all pales in comparison to the consistancy of my SAVIOR. he has continually provided for me through our time of change and adventure. i have seen him work in the lives of my children. my husband. and me. when i am lacking anything, GOD has restored my spirit through provision. my hope has been renewed. my faith stretched. the time of change has been exactly what my life needed. ashlynn's response to someone telling her how lucky we were to live in such a wonderful place was, "this is exactly where we are supposed to be because GOD has us here." it is so true. though where we live is beautiful. spectacular even. it is truly beautiful to us because this is where GOD has us. this is where we are supposed to be. it is remarkable how a five year old can say it so perfectly. we are exactly where GOD wants us to be! praise the LORD for guidance. for provision. for consistancy. for HOPE!