Tuesday, February 12, 2008

love day.

ashynn got a "pink princess cookbook" for christmas from my mom. we celebrated christmas with her when she came out from texas last week. ashlynn carried the cookbook pretty much where ever she went, claiming that she was going to try and figure out what she wanted to make. she landed on making chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles. (vanilla candy coating/ candy making chocolate, powedered food coloring (optional), pretzel rods/ twist pretzels, and assorted sprinkles). as we were making them, ashlynn decided she was going to make them to share with the girls at winter camp. she did just that. she came out of her shell and offered her handmade, delicious pretzels to people all on her own. a very proud moment for my extremely shy daughter. she definitely blessed my spirit with her willingness to share and serve.


Lisa Leonard said...

oh yum! Ashlynn, what other recipes do you have for us??