Thursday, December 17, 2009

T (minus) 10 days.

not until christmas, until we move. yep... 10 days.
so most of my house has boxes in every room.
it is pretty much a disaster.
i am learning to be okay the stuff not being put away (learning).
but amongst the angst of stuff being everywhere my mom sent me
this picture of me and my dad.
it was soothing. i was about 7 (ashlynn's age).
my dad had just had his thyroid removed.
he took me to the father-daughter banquet at our church.
this brought me peace amongst the chaos we are
choosing to call life.


joy said...

what a sweet picture! i love the blue socks with the purple in your dress. what style :) miss you.

Joanie said...

That picture is precious.

I had no idea about all this moving. I want to be joyful for you if it's a happy move, but what a tremendous loss of a very special family at our church.

Have a very Merry Christmas amidst the chaos of moving.