Wednesday, January 20, 2010

over a month.

it has been a crazy month. i mean crazy! seriously crazy.
we packed. enjoyed christmas amongst boxes.
loaded a moving truck (2 trucks).
said goodbye to slo. and hello to LA.
enjoyed my niece and nephew a ton.
i started running again after a small hiatus.
spent new years watching jeremy do push-ups.
(see todd's facebook for the video).
went to arizona for a good friends father funeral.
ash got a library card.
sewing like crazy (more to come with that).
i am homeschooling the little hommies.
i love it. seriously love it.
enjoying the family.


joy said...

i'm so glad to hear from you! you sound good, are you? i miss you. glad you're loving homeschooling. can't wait to hear about your sewing projects.

Mama Mote said...

Oh, Summer. It's so good to see your blog. What a lot packed up in a month. Glad you're getting back into your running and sewing. Miss you, too. Missed you guys when WE moved and will miss not seeing you in SLO when we visit. Don't know if we would ever get together down here, but would love to sometime. Praying for Todd to find a place to minister...and you, too. love you guys

lindsey said...

wow,wow, and wow! i am so sorry we missed you before you left, then again when you visited! please let us know next time you're up - we'd love to see you. glad homeschooling is working out and i'd love to see what projects you're up to!

Joanie said...

Miss you! Glad to here of all the fun things going on since your move.

Debbie said...

Hi Sweet Friend! Miss you and your blogging, but mostly you! I've been praying for you. Keep the blogs coming.

Lisa Leonard said...

miss you guys. matty was just saying to today how much he misses the kiddos. sending big big BIG hugs.

Kelly said...

Although I feel like I was only really getting to know you before Scott and I moved to Texas, but reading your blog not only reminds me of the wonderful person you are, but gives me a true insight into your heart. And you have blessed me. Your family will be in our prayers.