Sunday, April 5, 2009

today we ride. not to race. not to win. but to honor. from santa clarita park, the boys + 3 girls took off to pay tribute to my dad. it was a beautiful experience. these men who have riden with my dad over the years. tony made armbands with my dad's initials. everyone had their 'gary waterbottles'. they prayed at the park & took off up bouquet canyon. to the top. & back down. never leaving each other. of course todd & jeremy (a friend not my son) had to race to the top. old habits die hard. it was a way to honor him. a way to love him. a way to pay tribute to him. it was beautiful.


Lisa Lewis said...

What a day of celebration as you, your family, and dear friends said "See you soon" to your dear dad! I was so blessed to see and hear more about what a wonderful man Gary is; what a terrific legacy he hands in the baton to the three of you and then you on to your families. Such a God glorifying tribute!

joy said...

I agree! I totally felt God was glorified yesterday and your dad was honored and celebrated. Love you1

Chet and Kat said...

Amen to both those comments.