Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so we live by the airport. we often watch the planes take off & touch down. the kids love seeing them come in from a distance while we are driving & want us to slow down our driving so we can watch them land. it really is so fun! i grew up with my dad being a pilot. not for work, but for pleasure. which meant we got to go a lot of fun places just for the day. during the winter months, we would fly up to mammoth almost every weekend (usually just me and my dad) for a little ski time. yesterday, while i was driving down tank farm, a smaller jet took off and crossed over the street. the plane looked a lot like one of my dad's. i started to cry & then without control started to smile. even now remembering that moment yesterday, i am smiling.

was i remembering those precious times? was i laughing at all the silly things we used to do together in the plane? or something else? i think it was a combination of everything. memories flooded back to me. i could hear the laughter of my siblings and i in the back of the plane as we played games & waited with anticipation to land. and the reality that almost 3 weeks ago, my dad flew away to JESUS.

it is nice to have these wonderfully precious memories come to me, instead of those last few memories of seeing my dad sick. it doesn't make my need for him any easier, but i have shared a lot of stories about growing up lately and that makes me smile!


joy said...

I'm so glad you have such sweet memories. It doesn't make you miss him any less, but it is nice to remember.

Lisa Leonard said...

such sweet memories, such a good daddy. so glad you are finding joy even as you wade through the pain. xo