Thursday, March 5, 2009


a student of ours... lets call him eli. eli comes to our house once a week, lets our kids jump on him, plays guitar hero with todd (or the wii), and generally stays to watch 24 with us. he also saw me cry after talking with my dad one night. he has been such a blessing to us over the last year, making our transition easier into a ministry that is a little daunting. 'eli' is very musical & enjoys sharing music with us as well. he made me a cd of wonderful encouraging songs. i am listening to it right now actually. he titled the cd 'silent screams. quiet prayers.' so perfect. silently i scream out 'why!', and quitely i pray 'show me!' also included were some verses. here is one:

'why are you downcast, o my soul?
why so disturbed within me?
put your hope in GOD, for i will yet praise HIM, my SAVIOR & my GOD.'
psalm 42.11

thanks eli for being a part of our family.


Joanie said...

How Sweet. Thank you, Summer, for sharing about your dad and what you're going through. I am going through a similar (but admittedly not as scary) thing with my dad. Your posts have been encouraging and have said a lot of what I've been feeling, especially that John Mayer song and what you said when your dad said you could scream, but you didn't want to because you wanted no regrets.

I'll keep praying for you and your family!

Mama Mote said...

Summer! What a cool idea. I might have to get a CD made to encourage us as we move from our familiar, comfortable place to an unfamiliar, larger area. I figure I have another month left here, then we will be in the next place God has picked out for us. What will He have for us in Los Angeles? Can't wait to find out...yup, I think I'm finally at that point of excitement. Mainly because I'm anxious to be with my hubby on a regular basis. Whew!

joy said...

well of course that student is wonderful--his name is "eli" and anyone named eli is bound to be a caring, wonderful person :) seriously, that is very thoughtful and i am thankful you have had such a wonderful addition to your family. he's blessed, too!