Monday, August 24, 2009

something borrowed.

(this picture was taken at the top of a ride called the triple bypass. we laugh because he is always smiling at the top of the climbs. look at the right of photo. you can see part of the road that he came up.)

yesterday i got new handlebars for my bike. well they weren't entirely new. i got my dad's handle bars off his bike that he gave todd. so i rode. 20 miles yesterday. placing my hand where my dad had his hands for SO many countless hours. it was so emotional for me. i thought of all the wonderful times my dad had while he had his hands there. all the fun times he had with his friends. all the prayers he said for all of us. i prayed & thank the Lord for the life of my pops. missing him a lot. it was such an euphoric experience. here's to you pops.


Mama Mote said...

I haven't finished crying from the last blog I just read and I come to yours. How sweet and precious and what a great gift God has given you...your dad's handlebars and all the memories of his love and care for you growing up and the fun times he had riding. And congratulations on your 20 mile ride.

Joanie said...

Look at you go! It makes me think that you are on a double journey - the journey that you took on your bike as well as the journey of healing as you are apart from your Pops - until you have a joyous reunion in Heaven.

Be blessed, Dear Summer!