Wednesday, February 11, 2009


'have no fear for giving in
have no fear for giving over
you better know
that in the end
its better to say too much
than never to say what you need
to say again
even if your hands are shaken
and your faith is broken
even as your eyes are closin'
do it with a heart wide open... wide
say what you need to say'
-part of john mayer's song 'say'


Joanie said...


joy said...

why is it so hard to say what needs to be said sometimes. stupid fears get in the way, i suppose. i pray you're finding the words that need to be said.

Jamie said...

You are going through so much right now, I am so sorry. It makes me think of my Dad and my love for him. I know you have so much going on right now so If I don't get to visit with you for awhile I understand completely. Yet if I can just stop by to bring you a hot cup of coffee or your favorite latte to warm your heart, I would be delighted. Either way my thoughts and prayers are with you.