Tuesday, January 6, 2009


we had some of our closest friends surprise us on new years eve night. they came and stayed with us for a night. it was so sad to see them go... but we did have fun watching the seals do some pretty 'interesting' things at the pier in port san luis. we had a blast going to pismo for lunch! it was a short time together, but it is always filled with laughing! we did a lot. heck look at the pictures. jeremy is apparently a pirate. ashlynn can open her mouth larger than danny. jeremy and todd look like they are in the 50's on a date drinking out of the same cute at the local diner. we had a blast together. hurray for fun friends.


joy said...

what great pictures. it's been a year?!! that's crazy. miss you--hope tosee you soon.

Jacquelyn said...

How do you do that with your pictures? what program do you use? So cute!

Karyn said...

I came to your blog from Lisa Leonard's and noticed that you had a link for Labradoodles. I think we both know Lisa and Julie. You make jewelry for Lisa right? Maybe you know my sister in law Marcy who is a long time friend of Julie's. She's actually the one who told me that Julie had a friend that worked for Lisa, but I was surprised to stumble upon you in the blog world. Small world!