Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my favorite things.

these top 10 things that have brought me encouragement & joy over the recent weeks. i am ever convinced that the reason that these images and thoughts have entered in and out of my mind are to be a source of happiess & hope for me when i get down. some of these wonderful things will always be there, but i know that some of these images are going to change. as the kids grow up, change is inevitable, but they will always be memories that we come screaming back to me. while i have been studying the psalms, i have been convicted & encouraged by the fact that even if i fail miserably, God doesn't use that as a way to determine the amount grace & mercy he bestows upon me. in fact, in my life, there seems to be so much grace, that i am overwhelmed by His greatness.) here we are.

1. the kids singing worship songs in the morning. & reading their bible with dad @ night.
2. giggles. laughter.
3. the beach.4. psalm 121 & my worn bible that my dad gave me while i was in college. (i am studying the psalms of ascent & loving it!)
5. a hot cup of coffee. a warm blanket. & a cold day.

6. fun books to read.
7. rosy red cheeks.

8. my kids loving on each other.
9. the rain.
10. the sunrise & sunset. it reminds me of the faithfulness of who God is & the radical way he is able to affect everything by simply (or not simply) giving us a source of life.
11. this one is just extra. kids dressed up for halloween. ash is a flower and jt is a lion


Julie said...

Summer....you are always such an encouragement, even miles away! I love your blog....seeing the pics of your family and how you are doing. if/when you ever get a chance, i'd love to hear from you on how you are doing homeschooling, how it's going, etc. i'm in the midst of deciding what maddy will do next year and would love your input!! :)

joy said...

great list, summer!

Mama Mote said...

I love your posts, too, Summer. It's one way to continue getting to know you without actually seeing you...that's what happens when we move in different circles. The one I liked is the sunrise & sunset - God's faithfulness. Just knowing He controls our lives and our paths. And knowing that gives me happiness and peace in our current situation. Awesome!

Joanie said...

Beautiful thoughts beautifully put. (And accented with some great pics!)

Bonnie said...

You are amazing! What an encouargement!

Lisa Leonard said...

what a great list. love you!!