Monday, May 26, 2008

our bond of friendship in... vegas!!!

what a trip. special time. fun time. peaceful time. vegas. okay, so the word peaceful doesn't really go along with the word vegas, but when you spend your time lounging beside the pool with three of the coolest girls you know... vegas=peaceful! each year or so we try to get together... these are girls from college. there is six of us total... but two couldn't make it. that was the saddest part of the weekend. we have been in each others weddings, had kids around the same time (steph is preggo now...) & are in the same area of life! our bond is unique, so vegas was filled with catching up, laughing, talking about the frustration things that our kids do that drive us bonkers (there kids do the same thing as mine) && just being with each other. it made me want to grow old, living on the same cul-de-sac as them... okay maybe not grow old.

mandy... steph... i drinking our starbucks. there was one in the hotel we stayed in... the monte carlo! it was relaxing... as relaxing as you can get when you are in the city that never sleeps! while we spend our days by the pool... fighting for 4 lounge chairs next to each other, we spend our evenings/ nights eating at fun restraunts. the kind you rarely take your kids to. we even got pedicures at the spa in the hotel... what a treat!

a night out on the town take 1.

this is what happens when some random person in vegas takes your picture in front of the bellagio. which is one of the places we got to eat a fabulous dinner! i think this was his second attempt at taking the picture. maybe even more! uggghhh!

we had to see the new ashton kutcher/ cameron diaz movie... what happens in vegas. it was hilarious! maybe it was so funny because we were in vegas watching a bunch of people do stupid things!

annie && i!

mandy && i! again!


joy said...

hi, summer, this is joy from church. you know, the joy who said i'd call you months ago and never has? what a fun trip to vegas with friends. glad you got some r&r and girl time. so sorry to hear about your thyroid. i'll be praying. glad to read your blog--found you from lindsey.

Julie said...

Hi my dear! Thanks for the recent updates! You look GREAT and your trip sounds awesome!!

Miss you!

Patrick Roberts said...

most of the chick flicks i've seen with Ashton Kutcher have been at least decently good... A Lot Like Love is one example