Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i am convinced that waiting for test results is the hardest part of any process. right now we are waiting. the surgery went well. they drained 700 cc's of fluid from around his heart. he felt instant relief when he woke up from surgery. the unfortunate part was the unexpected amount of pain and the horrible fever that he got. there were some blessings too... his nurses have been wonderful. i know them all by name & they have become my temporary family. tunjie his night nurse is an amazing and gentle man from west africa. he has proven to be my favorite family member. he hugged me as they took my dad off for surgery. man these nurses see a lot. a friend from high school is an icu nurse & was a huge help when my dad's fever spiked up again. she was so fantastic. i want to share with you something my dad showed me in a book the day that he went in for surgery. my brothers church was going through this book & he brought it for my dad. i suggest you pick up a copy. it is amazing. his perspective is so breathtaking.

"Christ will stand by you in trouble and at death. John 14:18 'I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.' When affliction arises, especially if it is for His sake, and you are bereaved of all outward comforts, christ will not leave you comfortless. When friends fail, and flesh fails, and heart fails, yea, and life fails, Christ will not fail, but will stand by and strengthen you, and be a light to you in your darkest hours, a stay to your spirits when they are ready to sink within you." Thomas Vincent The True Christian's Love to the Unseen Christ

My dad is amazing!


Renelle and Cole said...

He is indeed amazing and I'm privileged to know him. :)

Chet and Kat said...

That is Thomas Vincent, and I quoted that months ago on my blog when we lost two believing brothers in Christ on that Metrolink. Doyle Souser, had highlighted that in his book, not a coincidence. I am praying for you daily. I love you Summer.